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Frank Michael Shortino

Frank Michael

Expounding on hair, art, music and the meaning of life

Frank Michael Shortino was born to create extraordinary hair fashions. A third generation hairdresser from York, PA, he began working in his parent’s salon, Shortino’s Salon and Spa, as a teen in the early 90’s.

As his skills and artistic abilities expanded, so did the recognition and accolades from his industry peers. Frank Michael was awarded membership into Intercoiffure, the prestigious international authority of hair fashion, and was one of six to make up the first ever board for Intercoiffure’s Guillaume Foundation North America, an organization whose goal is to assist the youth of the hair profession in moving forward and having opportunities.

In 2001, Frank Michael was also chosen as one of only 20 stylists in the US and Canada to make up Wella International’s “Top Stylist Artistic Team.” This honor bestowed upon him is recognized as the highest level of “Stage Presenter, Educator and Guest Artist” for Wella in the industry. Not being one to rest on his laurels, Frank Michael continues to grow as a stylist. His work has been seen in Vogue, Harpers, Self, Lucky, and Modern Salon to name a few. His educational classes are highly sought out, as his audiences routinely remark on the level of passion he emits, as well as the approachability he brings as an educator. In 2003 FM decided to make a leap out of the family business, which is located in a smaller market of York Pennsylvania, and moved to NYC to work in a more challenging and artistically rounded big city. He lived, worked and played in NYC for six years at the John Dellaria Salon in Soho, which gave him opportunities for editorial work and elevation of his over all style and outlook of fashion and applies his skills to a market of any size. It has proven to be a valuable experience when going into all markets as an educator or service provider.


From FM:

The Vidal Sassoon schools and academy trained me in London years ago. We still continue our education and learning at Shortinos. Not just myself but our entire staff. It is part of our brand and dedication to those clients who choose to trust us with their hair. Education is something we will never stop achieving, that comes from the true leader of Shortinos, Frank Sr. who after almost 50 years of creating beautiful hair still continually travels the country searching out the best education available. Service is equally as important to us. We understand that there are many talented stylists out there today. Shortino’s Salon and Spa strives to not only focus on our craft but the CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

We pride ourselves on the feel of a “MOM & POP” salon. Our team gets to know all the clients, everyone is greeted by all. My clients tell me that this is one on the reasons they come to us….. PASSION, TALENT, COMPASSION and a LOVE FOR THE CRAFT of hairdressing. And that is the ARTIST’S WAY…………..

Frank Shortino


Frank Shortino has a passion for beauty and it shows in his drive, excitement and commitment to the beauty industry.  Not only is he a respected business owner, he is a diligent student and educator.  Frank has received his ongoing training in New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Atlanta and abroad in London, England and Paris France.  He participates in professional photo shoots on a regular basis, his work and that of his team has been featured and published in national and international public and trade magazines.  He continues to train and educate, not only his team members but hair professional world-wide. Frank is a master colorist, for color is his true love. Being a member of Intercoiffure is one of his proudest achievements.  For his outstanding contributions to this organizations, Frank was awarded the “Cheviere”, reflecting his dedication and commitment to the Beauty Business.  This incredible honor was presented to him at the Intercoiffure Mondail’s International Program in Paris, France.