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Massage at the spa

for body, mind and soul…

Mini Massage

A 30 minute massage of direct attention to your neck, shoulders, head, back or legs. Targeting the key area of tension to reduce stress.

30 minutes for $50.00

Swedish Massage

A light pressure, long effleurage strokes massage. Great for clients that are sensitive to pressure or looking to relax the mind.

60 minutes for $ 75.00

90 minutes for $ 95.00

Therapeutic Massage

A medium pressure massage, with a combination of trigger point therapy, pressure points, stretching and kneading. Designed to alleviate tension in muscles, stimulate circulation and work out surface area knots, all with using a relaxing pressure. A great medium between the light Swedish touch and the deep tissue, rolfing touch.

60 minutes for $75.00

90 minutes for $95.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Advanced massage techniques are used in this 90 minute massage. Our highly trained therapist will target the deeper tissue structure. This treatment is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas commonly found in the back, neck or shoulders. Plan for a relaxing massage accompanied by the release of stubborn, tense muscles.

90 minutes for $100.00

Sports Massage

Excellent massage for training athletes or after a sporting event. Also, great for anyone who works out and is having tightness due to exercise. The massage methods vary in consideration of the training stages and/or injuries. Can be enjoyed in a concentrated 30 minute session, all over 60 minute session or a thorough 90 minute session.

30 minutes for $60.00

60 minutes for $85.00

90 minutes for $105.00

Stone Massage

Reach unimaginable levels of relaxation during this 90 minute heavenly massage. Lie back and relax as the warmth from the stones deeply penetrate into your muscles. Stones are carefully placed on the major chakra areas, providing a constant soothing warmth. These smooth river stones are also incorporated in the massage to provide a deep and penetrating heat which loosens your muscles and thoroughly relaxes your body and mind.

90 minutes for $105.00


Bring peace to the body and mind through this method of energy work. Reiki assists in balancing the seven major energy centers, or chakras, of the body. This gentle treatment will help to reduce stress and achieve relaxation.

30 minutes for $75.00

60 minutes for $90.00

Peppermint Foot Scrub

Add this scrub to any massage to exfoliate and rejuvenate your tired, hot, ache feet.


Essential oils are complementary with all massages, carefully selected and professionally blended. Softly pleasing your sense of smell and to assist in your relaxation. Your massage starts with a warm steamed towel draped over your feet to assist in your relaxation and finish with a cool glass of water after dressing to help flush out body toxins stimulated during your massage.